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Brown Scapular

I got this as a gift for my mother after we discovered she had an allergic reaction to her first brown scapular (made of wool). This is perfect for her!! Plus, she loves the smaller, more dainty size of this new scapular.

Exorcism Rosary - Scourge of the devil
Andrew K. (Perrysville, US)
Very Nice

The rosary was even more beautiful than I expected. The handmade craftsmanship is very good. I look forward to ordering again from them in the future.

Saint Therese of Lisieux Rosary
Maria P. (Tucson, US)
Absolutely beautiful Rosary! Extremely happy with this purchase! Highly recommend!

Highly recommend!

Nice rosary

Having purchased several parachord rosaries, I decided to get a WWI Combat rosary for a gift, I am very impressed with the quality and feel of the rosary. I may get one for myself.

Seven Sorrows Servitude Chaplet Rosary
Cyler F. (Sammamish, US)
A Great Devotion

This was my first seven sorrows rosary and it is a beautiful devotion to pray daily. The rosary itself is great. I have no complaints. I also think the crucifix is high quality!

Beautiful scapular

Beautiful and strong.
Happy with the purchase.
Thank you.

WWI Battle Beads - St. Michael Combat Chaplet
Benjamin S.I. (Moorestown, US)
Great Quality St. Michael Chaplet!

Great Quality St. Michael Chaplet!

Jujube Wood Rosary Bracelet
Sally S. (Phoenix, US)

Beautiful yet strong . Like our lady ! Love it

Great rosary

Well made and looks great


Absolutely beautiful rosary. Came sooner than expected and was all that I had hoped and more.

Absolutely Beautiful

I got these for a friend and they're much more lovely than the Pic. Delicate yet very strong.

Cross Bead Wooden Rosary
Adrian P. (Toronto, CA)
Excellent Rosary

I generally prefer my Rosaries to have traditional crucifixes with attractive ornamentation like the "Pardon Crucifix" or the "St. Benedicts Cross". I've owned multiple Rosaries over the past decade and have either lost or broken them within a year. This is not an especially attractive Rosary, but it is a traditional design...and fairly tough. It's smaller and lighter then the paracord Rosaries, but large enough that you won't lose it...and if you do it will be easy to find. The crucifix is thicker then it looks in the photos, and the beads are perfectly spaced for any sized fingers. The cord appears to be really strong and there is a pleasant amount of flex when you squeeze the beads.

I'm 6'4 and 260 pounds, so I really enjoy using a 'beefy manly" Rosary...and this fits the bill perfectly. It's also a great choice if you prefer wearing one around your neck. Initially not my style...but I love it!

A true family heirloom

Such great rosaries!!!

Gentleman's Heavy Duty Rosary
Mr.Corpus (Marble Falls, US)
Ave Maria

Absolutely beautiful- heavy and durable, I got mine longer so I can wear it everyday. A buy you won’t regret! Deus Lo Vult!

Black Logo Rosary Zip Pouch
Joanne H. (Bloomfield, US)
Rosary case

Great size and practical but actually washed it to remove odor

I bought this rosary as a gift for a friend. However I am impressed with the look and feel of this item.

Excellent Quality

Great quality overall and I was especially pleased with the quality of the crucifix.

Black Logo Rosary Zip Pouch
Ryan G. (Bloomington, US)
Super cool!

In honor of my first “nice” rosary I ordered from RR, I went all-out and got the black zipper case for it too! I really like it, it’s very classy looking, smooth, sturdy zipper and a nice RR logo stamped on front. The rosary that I ordered ended up being so big (Trappist) that it was a little hard to fit into the zip case… to be clear, it definitely DOES FIT, I just found the canvas pouch RR included to work better for that size, but I’m definitely keeping it to use! If you’re getting a combat rosary or anything even slightly smaller than the Trappist (it’s really just the crucifix that’s in the way, not the beads) you’ll have no problems, I’m currently using this one to store THREE of my older rosaries with room to spare and I will probably just order a new zip case for every RR I order, they’re so inexpensive for what you get, it’s dumb not to, especially if you’re going to invest the money into a quality rosary, keep it safe.

Awesome pocket rosary

I love my pocket rosary and take it pretty much everywhere. I’m able to pray decades throughout the day !

WWI Combat Rosary

BLUF: Great rosary, I was shocked at how great of a deal it is for the quality you get. Plus the added freebies were not cheap trinkets to throw away, there are actually really nice!

I’ve started keeping my rosary on me everywhere, especially while flying. But my biggest problem with my other “combat rosary” (from Roman Catholic Gear) is that the connectors became deformed and pulled apart while in my pocket. So every now and then I’d pull my rosary out and it had come apart at the connectors.
Now I’ll caveat that I’ve only had my new rosary for about two weeks, but it’s been in my pocket every day and no signs of any stress on the connectors.
It is significantly lighter than my rosary from Roman Catholic gear, which I did not think I would like at first. However, I now appreciate it because my Rugged Rosary makes no where near as much noise and doesn’t feel heavy in my pocket (which I much prefer when in my flight suit).
Overall, I’m very pleased with the quality and presentation of everything. I’m certain I’ll be buying from Rugged Rosaries in the future especially as gifts.


Perfect size and design


Very well made. Love how it looks.


This is my second purchase of several rosaries. I'm still close to my Chaplain from Afghanistan and I get his blessing. Several of the men who went to Iraq with me were re-mobilizing(I've retired). I gave each of them a rosary to remind them that God would protect them. God Bless all.

Gentleman's Heavy Duty Rosary
Brad C. (Denver, US)
Rugged Rosary

Product is well done, high quality. I was able to add the skull momento mori beads for the Our Father (a little more customized) looks great! I may give this one as gift.