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Copper Rosary Rings
Kathy G. (Columbus, US)

Love these small rosaries! Rugged Rosary makes a great one. No sharp edges, good quality!

Beautifully made

This is the second pendant that I have purchased. It was a gift


This is my first ever rosary. I wanted something sturdy that I could carry in my briefcase for prayer breaks during the day. Tough. Doesn't get tangled. The beads are sufficiently different sizes. Cool history behind this replica. I love it.

Gentleman's Heavy Duty Rosary
Sophia D. (Spokane, US)

I bought this for my husband who has gone through two cord rosaries in the past couple of years. As soon as we took his Rugged Rosary out of the package, we knew that he’s going to be using it for years! It’s so durable, not to mention gorgeous. 10/10!

Saint Therese of Lisieux Rosary
Kevin C. (Columbia, US)
Gorgeous Rosary

This is a beautiful and well made rosary. It came quickly and I could not be happier. Thank you for helping me feel closer to St. Thérèse and her little way. Your craftsmanship is clearly a God-given gift, God bless you!

My prayer beads.

Im so inpressed with the exceptional care that is taken in the making of the rosary.
This is my 3rd purchase and I'm in love with them all!!

Jujube Wood Rosary Bracelet
Rachel F. (Tucson, US)
Great Gift

Expensive looking but reasonable price for the quality.

Char’s favorite rosary

It is simple., beautiful and very strong. It is a delight to own it.

So beautiful!

I have a tremor and love your Rosaries because my spasms and shakes can’t break them! This one is so beautiful!

The rosary I have been looking for all my life

I bought the Memento Mori Paracord Rosary and I am thrilled with it. It is masculine, strong—in fact, virtually indestructible—and beautiful to look at and handle. The craftsmanship and quality of materials are excellent. This is a Rosary that will last a lifetime. Do not hesitate to purchase from this awesome company.

Soldier St. Michael Pocket Rosary
Mark S. (Tucson, US)

Just an amazing, beautiful rosary. I'm a retired army veteran,and st. Michael was always in my pocket, or around my neck. The only think that I had a tiny issue with is the size, or length. It just didn't fit my wrist. I carry it everyday, everywhere,but would be nice to be able to wear on my wrist.

Jujube Wood Rosary Bracelet
Brian S. (Palmyra, US)
Fantastic portable rosary!

Really great portable rosary, and you can get it equipped with metal of your choice. I got it with a Saint Benedict medal, to help keep me from lust, temptation and sin. High quality wood, and careful craftsmanship, with all the beads joined by an elastic band. Highly recommended for anybody looking for an ultra portable rosary!

Love it. Got it for my mother in law

King of Kings Rosary

I love my new King of Kings Rosary with the lion's head. Love the symbolism as Jesus being the Lion of Judah. (Also reminds me a little of the movie: The Witch, The Lion, and The Wardrobe). I also love the weight of the Rosary as a lot of the beads are made of brass. The colors are also masculine: black and brass colored. (Also can be used by a woman). I also had the St. Joseph and St. Michael medals added. Awesome. I love my new Rosary!

Awesome rosary for everyday use! You can put it around backpacks, and much more. Great tool for my favorite form of prayer anywhere

Consecration brackets

Very beautiful exactly what I was looking for and very well made very satisfying customer

Spiritual Weapon Rosary
Kimball C. (Jacksonville, US)
Great product

Very good quality for the price :)


I got this WWI pocket rosary for my husband for Father’s Day. He absolutely loves it. It has a nice weight to it and it’s just so beautiful. I 100% recommend this piece.

The Best Rosaries around

I have purchased many many sets from Rugged Rosary and i have never been disappointed. These Rosaries will last a lifetime and that is what I was looking for.. I use them everyday, and I give them as gifts. Everyone loves them.

Outstanding Pocket Rosaries

Goods arrived fairly fast. I had to pay additional fees for the goods being delivered to Ireland.
The rosaries that I ordered are outstanding that is why I ordered 6 pocket rosaries.
The materials used are of a high quality and the details on the medals are great.
I have ordered them for members of my family who will have a unique gift.

The best

I have purchased at least 6 rosaries. They are saving souls one decade at a time. These are hands down the best rosaries and I will continue to gift as many as I can. It’s a mission and RR is living up to that mission.

KofC Rugged Rosary

This was recommended by a few Knights when they saw me fixing my current rosary.
This is a beautiful rosary and one that will last without needing repair. I bought a case for it also and it is great quality. Highly recommended!