2019 - A Difficult Year in a Good Way

The entire team here at Rugged Rosaries wishes you, our customers, abundant blessings this Christmas season and a joyous 2020. May God forever bless you and keep you in His Grace. 

This year, 2019, was very difficult (in a good way) and we worked harder than we ever have to bring you our best! We knew our goals would be difficult to do this year, and many of the accomplishments listed below were almost a year in the making. However, all were completed successfully.

There were other accomplishments and milestones that we can't mention here -- internal business stuff that only the accountant or marketing person might be interested in, but everything pushed us to new levels that will enable Rugged Rosaries to serve you even better in the coming years. 

We thank you, the customers, for making this all possible. 

Accomplishments of 2019:

  • Donated to 53 organizations, events, and people in need.
  • Supplied the rosaries for a screening of the film "Power In My Hands".
  • Donated monthly to Saint Paul Street Evangelization (doubled from last year).
  • Became an Officially Licensed supplier for the Knights of Columbus.
  • Showcased the KofC Rosaries at the 2019 Supreme Convention.
  • Moved our "Rosarium" studio from California to Houston, Texas.
  • Shipped over 48,000 Rosaries. Imagine all the prayers from all those rosaries!

We can't wait to get back to work in 2020 - We hope to bring you even better rosaries and the best customer service ever. 

Thank you and God Bless You. 

The RR Team.

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