Knights of Columbus® Rosaries from Rugged Rosaries

Great news for our Knights customers -- Rugged Rosaries is now an officially licensed supplier for the Knights of Columbus. 

Customers have been requesting this for quite some time and now we are pleased to be able to offer it. And, of course, we can customize your rosary if you want a different color or a different crucifix and devotional medallions added. It's our mission to supply the rosary you want and need, the rosary that will enhance your faith and your prayer life and your devotion to Our Lady. 

You can see and purchase your KofC rosaries straight from our Knights of Columbus Rosary Collection page by clicking HERE.

Many people don't realize that the Knights of Columbus emblems, name, and logos are all trademarked and you must have permission from the Knights of Columbus to use them.  We like to follow the rules, so this is why customers had to get a one-time trademark release each time we made them a KofC rosary. This will no longer be necessary for our customers.

The Knights of Columbus rosary has a center medal showing the emblem of the order. The shield was designed to remind members of a medieval knight. There are three objects on the shield: a mace, an anchor, and a dagger. The anchor represents Christopher Columbus for whom the organization is named. The mace represents authority. The dagger symbolizes weapons used by knights during missions of mercy.

*** Please Note ***
Even though you might see other companies making rosaries with these emblems, you may want to ask if they have the legal permission to do so from the KofC. We have been working with the Knights of Columbus since early 2018 to become an official supplier and are so happy to be able to offer this to our customers legally!


Knights of Columbus is a registered trademark - Reg. No. 1,596,950

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