Memento Mori Collection

Memento mori is a Latin phrase that translates to "remember that you must die." In the Catholic faith, it serves as a reminder to live a virtuous and meaningful life, as death is inevitable and can come at any time. The Memento Mori rosaries from provide beautiful and strong spiritual prayer tools. 

The Catholic Church has a long tradition of using memento mori as a tool for spiritual reflection and growth. It is believed that by contemplating one's own mortality, one can gain a deeper appreciation for the preciousness of life and be motivated to live a more virtuous life. This can include cultivating virtues such as humility, gratitude, and compassion, as well as committing oneself to serving others and striving for eternal salvation.

Memento mori is also an important reminder of the ultimate goal of the Catholic faith, which is eternal life with God in heaven. Shop the Memento Mori collection of Rosaries from Rugged Rosaries today!