How to Add a Split Ring to your Rosary

Oh no! Did you forget to add a medal to your rosary when you purchased?  No problem!  You can email to request the medal and we will mail one to you with split rings which you can attach to the rosary.  

You can add the medal to the same split ring as the crucifix, or you can add it to the centerpiece knot area.  It's not too difficult if you know a few tricks.  

One other thing, if you can't do it, or do not want to do it, or you mess up your rosary in any way, you can send your rosary back to us to the address at the bottom of this page.  We have special tools that most people don't have access to which makes adding medals or split rings or doing repairs much easier. We normally fix and ship repair items the same day we receive them.  

But, here you go if you want to try to work on your rosary yourself:


  • Scissors
  • Small pocket knife or tweezers or eyeglasses screwdriver (really small type)
  • Needle nosed pliers - the type with a pointed tip
  • Split ring(s)
  • Plastic drinking straw

1.  Cut a small piece of the straw - 3/4 to 1 inch in length

2.  Now slit it lengthwise

3.  Slip it around the paracord where you want to add the split ring

4.  Now split open the little ring using a small pocket knife, tweezers, or small screwdriver.  Enough to hold it open with your pliers. 

5.  Now grab the split ring with the needle nosed pliers and hold it in an open position.

6.  While holding it tightly, you want to ease it over the straw, pushing it over the paracord with your thumb.  Then use the pliers to feed the split ring around and around the straw which will feed the paracord through it, until it is fully around the paracord.


7.  Sometimes (especially with the bronze split rings) the ring will be gaping too much after you get it onto the paracord, but this can be remedied.  Just grab the split ring where one of the two wire end points is, and squeeze lightly while flipping the gaping end to the inside of the ring. You will use a twisting motion, twisting it until the gaping wire side twists to the inside of the ring.  This will hold it there so the ring is closed.


8.  Remove the straw!

9.  Note that it is best to add the ring by itself and then slide the medal on it like you would slide a key onto a keyring.  If your split ring is gaping as in our example photo in #7, you can add the medal first, then tuck the gaping end into the inside of the ring as described. 

10. If you made any little pulls in the threads of the paracord, use a match or lighter to briefly burn it away.  Little pulls will melt away instantly without harming your rosary. Do not hold flame on it for more than a second!

If you mess up your rosary in any way, you can always send it to us.  We will fix it right up! Be sure to send us a note in the shipment with your address so we will know where to send it back!

Rugged Rosaries - Repairs
6363 Richmond Ave Ste. 450
Houston, TX 77057

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