Features of Rugged Rosaries

Thank you to our thousands of customers who have made Rugged Rosaries their trusted source for rugged handmade rosaries since 2012.

Combat Rosary from WWI Replica

Paracord Rosaries

We started out making paracord Rosaries for military friends.  With that in mind, the Rosaries have features that make them strong enough for everyday carry even in harsh conditions.


  • Cording is Strong 550 military-grade paracord.  Durable, waterproof, and very difficult to break.  We do not use the smaller tactical sized cord used by other companies because it tends to fray with use.
  • Our cording is NOT gutted. It is full strength paracord.
  • Crucifix and Saint Medal jump rings have been replaced with much stronger double-looped split rings. Beware the Chinese copycats that use thin jump rings that pull apart.
  • Lightweight beads are used on most of the Rosaries. No need to add unnecessary weight to your pack! However, many people prefer our very rugged solid metal beads.  Your Choice!
  • Many of the beads are military colors such as coyote brown or burnished copper and have low light reflection properties.
  • Our beads are custom manufactured exclusively for us in our military-inspired colors. We do not use the inexpensive pony beads seen in crafts stores which are often used on cheaper corded rosaries.
  • Beads are placed on the cording with enough slack to be able to move them even if wearing tactical gloves.
  • We can add devotional medals to your rosary. Our rosaries are strong enough that you can add a dozen if you want to! We have many more medals than are listed on the website.  If you don't see the one you want, just email us at support@ruggedrosaries.com.
  • We can get paracord in just about any color you imagine.  We keep over 30 colors in stock. Customize any paracord rosary with the color you want.

Historical WWI Battle Beads® Combat Rosaries

We make great replicas of the historical WWI service combat rosary that was issued to soldiers, sailors, and flying aces beginning in 1916.  Our version of these strong, durable, pull chain rosaries have several features that set them apart:

  • We offer our chains in Silver over Brass, Gunmetal over Brass, Bronze over Brass, and Stainless Steel which is naturally silver.
  • If you have metal allergies, choose the stainless steel chains.  Up to 23% of people are allergic to nickel to some degree.  This can cause discoloration or irritation to the skin.  Stainless Steel beads eliminate this issue.
  • All chains are non-magnetic, non-corrosive, and do not rust.
  • Our Centerpiece medals and Crucifixes are of the finest quality imported from Italy. Beware of Chinese imported medals or crucifixes which can have poor finishes, less detail, and misspelled wording.
  • You can learn how to spot the poor quality Chinese copies here:  Spotting Copycat Rosaries
  • WWI Battle Beads have engineered connectors and we use double split-ring connectors instead of thin jump rings. You won't have to worry about your crucifix falling off in your pocket.
  • We ship our rosaries with a functional round box for nice presentation, extra protection, or storage.  We also have other pouches available here: https://ruggedrosaries.com/collections/rosary-pouches.
  • All of our WWI Battle Beads can be customized with up to 4 devotional medals of your choice.  We have many more medals than we can list on our website, so if you do not see the one you want, email us at support@ruggedrosaries.com.
  • We ship extremely fast, often within hours of your order!
  • We have over 3300 5-star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews for our WWI Battle Beads! ALL reviews are published automatically, completely uncensored, good or bad.

The Rugged Rosaries RRR Guarantee

Rugged Rosaries offers a 90 day R-R-R guarantee:

R - Replace
R - Repair
R - Refund

The RRR Guarantee offers protection for your rosary against defects and breakage. If you have an issue with your rosary, you can request an “R” of your choice. We will replace, repair, or refund your rosary if it breaks within 90 days of purchase.

If you have any problems with your rosary, please contact us at support@ruggedrosaries.com

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