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Celebrating the Assumption and Exciting News from Our Shop!

Dear Valued Customers,

Last week we celebrated the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary marking the occasion when Our Lady was taken, body and soul, into the glory of heaven. Our hearts join with those around the world in commemorating this momentous event and at the same time our hearts are heavy with the sorrow and suffering in Maui. We have included in our daily prayers, the survivors, responders, and souls lost. We feel more than ever that prayers are needed, especially the Rosary.

As rosary makers, we feel especially blessed to be able to bring strength, comfort, peace, and hope to our customers through our creations and prayers.


Upcoming in the months ahead:

** St. Michael Shop Opening in September: **

We are delighted to announce that we will be opening our St. Michael shop in September. This shop will feature a collection of best-selling St. Michael chaplets, rosaries, stickers, and jewelry items at

** October: The Month of the Rosary: **

In October, the month dedicated to the Rosary, we will be introducing new and stunning rosary designs that we hope will inspire prayer and deepen your devotion. We will also be making beautiful upgrades to several of our rosary designs which will utilize new custom beads and crucifixes. Stay tuned for these exquisite additions!

** Christmas Shop Opening on November 1st:**

We are already preparing for the Advent season at Customers are starting to ask about this year's limited edition Christmas rosary. We produce a different Christmas rosary each year, and the 2023 design is stunning with an exclusive beautiful new crucifix! The Christmas Shop will be available at on November 1st.

** Website Revamp **

A much needed revamp of our 11 year old website will be rolled out in the near future. We hope you will like the new look, but mainly it will greatly improve the administration of orders, products, and overall operations. But don't worry! Unlike many of our competitors, we will continue to offer custom work, and in-house, personal, customer support. That won't change!


We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and trust in our products and services. Our sincerest prayer is that with Our Lady's loving intercession and grace, our handmade products will provide strength, comfort, peace, and hope to those seeking the Lord's Will.