Knotted Combat Paracord Rosaries

We can make Knotted Rosaries by Custom Order only. Please see the article "How to Order a Custom Item"  Thank you! 

  • Unique Custom Rosary
  • Genuine Military Style Paracord 
  • Extremely Strong and Quiet
  • Large choice of Colors
  • Large choice of Crucifixes
  • Can be made all knots, or with Our Father beads
  • Celtic Knotting, Tightly Knotted, Evenly Knotted
  • All Rosaries come with a Drawstring Carry Pouch

The very first rosaries we ever made and sold back in 2012 were the all knotted "Soldier Combat Rosaries".  We are very good at making these because we've been doing it a long time.

Making knotted rosaries is very labor-intensive but we make great knotted rosaries - very tight - very evenly knotted - knots facing the same direction.  With the knots all facing the same way, you can feel your way along the rosary very easily without looking. 

These can be very traditional - all black and all knots with a silver Crucifix or you can have one made that is highly customized with a unique design just for you. All knotted Combat Paracord Rosaries start at $54.99. Adding special extra large crucifixes or medallions, or extra decades will cost a little more. 

Please click on the link below for more information and inquiries.

Thank You for looking and God bless!