Why get a WWI Battle Beads Combat Rosary?

Pray the Holy Rosary for
Strength, Comfort, Peace, and Hope

The rosary is a powerful prayer that has been used for centuries to combat evil. The devil wants to destroy your faith with evil temptations. You do not have to look far to see the evil that lurks throughout the world, our communities, and all aspects of our lives. The prayers of the rosary provide the strength to combat evil. 

It is such a good prayer that in addition to being a powerful weapon against evil, it also offers comfort, peace, and hope for yourself, and anyone you pray for. It will help you slow down, and feel more at peace. And even when you don't know what to pray for, you can rest assured that you've reached out to the Blessed Mother who loves you and brings you closer to the Lord.

combat rosary

The Rosary is for Everyone

The rosary is mostly associated with the Catholic faith, but anyone can pray the rosary. At Rugged Rosaries, we estimate from our 10 years of customer service experience, that up to 20% of the WWI combat rosaries we make go to non-Catholics. The Blessed Mother will hear and welcome all who pray for her intercessions and grace. She has powerful love for all mankind.

The Best Spiritual Tool
for Praying the Rosary -
the WWI Battle Beads Combat Rosary

The combat style rosary design originated during the WWI era. The 100+ year old rosaries were made of sturdy brass pull chain and were given to soldiers, sailors, and flying aces of WWI to take with them to the battlefield.

The Rugged Rosaries WWI combat rosary design is the closest reproduction of the original WWI rosaries. They are handmade daily in the Rugged Rosaries' Texas studio from the highest quality brass pull chain, and Italian Medallions and Crucifixes. They are rugged, tangle free, and beautiful. The beads glide effortlessly through the fingers and feel powerful to hold. 

A good rosary is one that inspires you to pray it. The WWI Battle Beads combat rosary is one of those rosaries! 

You can view the WWI Battle Beads Collection by clicking HERE.

WWI Battle Beads
Options and Customizations

The WWI Battle Beads Combat Rosary Collection from Rugged Rosaries now has more than 16 styles to choose from including different crucifixes, medals, colors, and sizes. The collection not only includes traditional rosaries, but also 15 and 20 decade rosaries, 1 decade pocket rosaries, licensed Knights of Columbus rosaries, St. Benedict rosaries, St. Michael chaplets, Orthodox versions, and more.

Your rosary can be customized with color selections from the original antique bronze, or the newer silver, or gunmetal, or by adding your favorite devotional medals. The excellent Rugged Rosaries customer care team is always there to assist you and guide you.


Giving Back -
Charitable Donations

Rugged Rosaries has been giving increasing portions of revenue and donations year over year for over 10 years. Each year we help sponsor the Warriors to Lourdes Pilgrimage where we supply the WWI Battle Beads combat rosary to all the participants. We have donated thousands of Rugged Rosaries to refugees in both Africa and more recently Ukraine. We are also a supporting partner of the St. Paul Street Evangelization Organization. 

But most importantly, we offer a rosary at no charge to anyone in need. By supporting our small company, you support our effort to give back to our community through our charitable donations. 


combat rosary in gunmetal

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