Templar Cross Explanation

The Templar medal we provide is symbolic of the original Knights Templars Seal from the 13th century.
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The words in Latin mean the following.
SIGILLVM -  Seal (or sigil)
MILITVM   -  Military (or Soldier)
XPISTI      -  Christ  -  This one is rather interesting because the X was used as a shorthand for CH in the medieval centuries. The character that looks like a P was another way to show an R. Essentially what it says is "Seal of the Military of Christ"

Other symbols on the cross starting at the top:  the crown, on the right might be either a horse or a lion, the latin cross at the bottom, and on the left the maltese cross. The red and white maltese cross was red to symbolize martyrdom and the white was for faith and purity.

Freemasonry groups have used some of these same symbols along with symbology of other medieval orders etc. but the cross medallion we provide has nothing to do with the freemasonry.  We provide this cross in good faith for those who like the historical medieval symbolism of soldiers for Christ.

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