Rugged Rosary Resources - How to Pray the Rosary and more.

How to Pray your Holy Rosary.

The following links are some of the best resources you'll find anywhere!  

1.   The St. Paul Street Evangelization Rosary Album can be downloaded for your desktop, iPhone, or Android. The music at the beginning by Melanie Rea sets the mood and it's one of the best presentations you'll find. This album includes an introduction about the Holy Rosary, it's history, and the parts of the rosary. Then there is an introduction to the prayers of the rosary, and finally, a walkthrough of all the prayers themselves. Best of all, it is totally free. 


2. A Graphical Pray the Rosary Chart HERE


3.  Download and PRINT your own brochure on how to pray the rosary so you'll have your own personal reference to carry with you.  How To Pray The Rosary


4. Download and Print this nice little worksheet courtesy of Sean Burlile, Ph.D. to help with learning to meditate on the mysteries. United in the Rosary Worksheet.


The 15 Promises of Mary to those who pray the rosary. 

If you ever needed more reasons to pray the rosary, well, here you are.  Provided by the free library of resources at  

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