Comparing Rugged Rosaries to Copycat Rosaries on Amazon

Comparing Rugged Rosaries Paracord Rosaries to Chinese Copycat versions (Hanlin CC in this example).
Most of the copycat paracord rosaries seen on Amazon are made in China.  The prices are lower, but as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”.  Customers who mistakenly thought they had bought a Rugged Rosary brand item have sent these copycat rosaries in for repairs to our studio. The most common reason we get them is because

  1. The Crucifix fell off and was lost (because they are not using the double looped splits like we do).
  2. The Corpus of Christ falls off and is lost (because it is glued on, not pinned or in the mold of the cross).
  3. The Center medal actually broke (because they are so thin, the loops on them snap off).

Comparison of Rugged Rosaries vs. Chinese made copy.

  1. Rugged Rosaries have special more complicated knotting using nylon USA made military paracord. Copycat rosaries use simple knotting throughout the rosary, often loosely knotted. The Chinese paracord is usually the cheaper poly instead of nylon, resulting in a stiffer plasticy feel.
  2. Rugged Rosaries use double looped split ring connections to hold medals and crucifixes that do not pull apart without using pliers or special tools. Copycat rosaries have simple jumpring connections in 4 spots that are easily pulled apart with your hands using very little force resulting in broken rosary or lost crucifix.
  3. Rugged Rosaries have high quality beautifully detailed crucifixes with a corpus of Christ that is molded into the cross so it cannot come off. Copycat rosaries are made with awful molds that have strange looking images of Jesus. Much of the detail is lost, and the finish on them is different. In addition, the corpus is glued and can eventually fall off.
  4. Rugged Rosaries are thoughtfully, prayerfully handmade in Houston Texas. The copycat rosaries are made in a factory in China.

Comparison of Crucifixes.

Please note also that the center medal being used on the copycat rosary is very very thin. It is not thick like regular Italian devotional medals or like crosses.
Below is an image of a copycat Chinese-made rosary sent to us for repair from a customer who thought they were buying a Rugged Rosaries brand rosary. We sent them an authentic Rugged Rosary at no charge.

broken china copy sm.jpg

What should you do if you purchased a copycat rosary and you are not happy with it or it breaks?  Reach out to We have a copycat replacement policy! We will send you an authentic Rugged Rosary.
Read about our Competitor/Copycat Exchange Policy HERE.

Thank you!

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