How to Unravel a CordBand

If for some reason you find yourself in an emergency situation, you can cut open your CordBand paracord wristband and use it. 

How to unravel your CordBand:

I hope you never have to do this, but to unravel your CordBand, you'll need to cut it in the right place to get a nice long length of cord that you can then use for other purposes. Unbuckle your band, and look for the singed and melted tips of the cord. These tips (two of them) will be near one of the buckles at the last knot. You want to cut the last knot near the singed and melted tips. It is important when making the cuts, that you only cut through 1 piece of cording. Once the cord is cut, you can pull the knots free and you shall end up with somewhere around 7 to 10 feet of paracording depending on the style and size of your CordBand.

Please take a look at the article "Uses of Parachute Cord" for lots of ways you can use your CordBand paracord.

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