So you are all signed up and you have your affiliate link. Now what?

Just in case you were not sure, you can find your affiliate link on your Affiliate Dashboard.  Sign in to your dashboard at any time, day or night, here:

Your affiliate link is right on the dashboard in the yellow box. A convenient "Copy" button is directly to the right of it so you can copy the link and paste it where you want to use it. 

Generally, you can use this link on your web page, blog, or social media accounts. We highly recommend that you post one of our banner images to attract more attention unless you are using the link in an article. But accompanying images always get more attention.  More about images later.

Make Your Affiliate Link Look Good

Right now, we would like to talk a little about the link itself.  As you can see, it is fairly long with a reference number at the end. This is the number that will identify your referrals to the affiliate system so you don't want to change it. However, it is not the kind of link that looks all that great, so there are a few ways to make it better.

First, you should hyperlink it. This means that you should try to place your links into a normal word or phrase. Look at the two examples below.

Example 1:

Hey, I found an awesome rosary that I would like you to see. Here is the link:

Example 2:

Hey, I found an awesome rosary!   Here is a link if you want to try one.

Obviously, example 2 is much more professional looking, clean and organized.

The way to hyperlink is to highlight the text you want to add your link to, and click the link button, then just enter your affiliate link in the space provided.

You'll find that link button in different places on different browsers, but it usually looks like a little segment of chain - a link. 

Secondly, if you must use the actual link for example on Twitter, you will want to use a URL Shortener.  Your dashboard has one built into it.  Just take a look below your link on your dashboard where it says Link Options. Click where it says "Shorten Link (Bitly)".  You will see how it has converted your affiliate link to a shortened easier to handle version.

The shorter link can be used in the same way as the longer length. Just click again on the Dashboard tab to get the long link back again. Both the long and shortened links can be used at any time. 

The third way to make your link look better is to have Rugged Rosaries set up a 'vanity' link for you.  If your blog is called John Smith Blog, we can assign you an easier to remember affiliate link such as:

Much easier for you to remember, right? Message us from your Affiliate Dashboard (under messages), and just request a vanity link. The vanity link does not replace the originally assigned link, so you can use any of these versions of links to refer people to Rugged Rosaries. 

More Tips on using Affiliate Links

One of the best ways to get people to click on the affiliate link is through incorporating it in articles or other content on your webpage or blog. This is effective especially because Google and other search engines love content. This is what drives traffic to your web page, and without traffic, nobody will click, and if they don't click, you will never make a commission!

We recommend you never 'spam' a webpage with your affiliate link.  Google definitely does not like that.  A good rule of thumb is no more than 1 or 2 links per 1000 words of text. Use good headings with keywords and sprinkle keywords naturally into your text. 

I saw an article once on how to pray the rosary while running.  I think it was titled "Running with the Rosary".  It was just the type of article that you could include an affiliate link in. 


"If you plan on running with a rosary, you probably don't want to use your delicate heirloom beads from your grandmother.  Check out Rugged Rosaries at this link for a variety of sturdy paracord rosaries that would be perfect to take to your next marathon race!"

See what I did there?

One really good way to get clicks on your Rugged Rosaries Affiliate link is to write up a review.  Reviews are great because they rank very well in search engines.  They also give you a chance to describe features and why you like the product and why you recommend it. This of course will lead to a higher chance of getting a sale. One of the best things you can say in a review is how the rosary has helped YOU.  We find that people really love to hear rosary stories, especially ones from your heart, so that is a great way to create a good referral.


Obviously, you will want to use images sometimes. You will find different sized images on the "Creatives" tab of your Affiliate Dashboard. From time to time, we will add new banners and remove older ones, so be sure and check often. 

When you use an image, make it clickable with your affiliate link. You can hyperlink an image usually in the same way you hyperlink text.  Add the image, then highlight it, and click on the "hyperlink" button to add the link. 

Using Links in Social Media

Be careful when using affiliate links in Social Media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and sites like Pinterest.  The main thing here is you do not want to spam your social media accounts because your followers might not like that. 

But, you can link to your articles that have your affiliate links in them. A post on your Twitter account for example:

I just ran a marathon with my rosary - check out my article on Running with your Rosary. https://JohnSmithBlog/Running #Marathon #Catholic #Rosaries #Running

For more on using your social media accounts with your affiliate link see this article: xxxxx.

So.. Just remember...

Don't Spam your Affiliate Link.

Don't spam your link all over your Social Media accounts.

Do write content containing your affiliate link.

Do hyperlink your text and images.

Do make your links look shorter or nicer with a vanity link.