You do not have to have a shop, a blog, or a webpage at all to use your affiliate link to earn commissions.  You can use your social media accounts!

The main rule about using your social media accounts for affiliate links is don't spam them! The only platform you can be liberal about loading up photos with affiliate links might be on a Pinterest account. Also, you must include the #ad hashtag or disclose that you are a sponsor in some way. 

Let's take a look at some examples:


"Just got this awesome rosary from Rugged Rosaries - check them out here #ad #Catholic #rosaries #gifts " <include an image for Twitter>

Notice we included the hashtag #ad for disclosure and of course a photo helps. Twitter posts do best with only 1 to 4 hashtags.  The link is a shortened version of the affiliate link that you can make for any long link at the website.


"Good news! I'm now sponsoring Rugged Rosaries so if you are in need of a tough rosary, check them out at 

<include an image for facebook>

Again, we disclose that we are sponsoring and be sure and include a photo. Hashtags are not necessary on Facebook. 

Another way to promote on Facebook is by posting to any Catholic Facebook groups that you may belong to.  


For Instagram, you can do the same thing but the links will not be clickable so it's even more important to use a simpler shortened affiliate link such as those created by  On Instagram, your posts will get a better reach if you load it up with lots of hashtags relevant to Catholics.  Some of the hashtags we recommend are: 

#Catholic #Rosaries #OurLady #Blessed #Gifts #New #Christ #JMJ #Jesus #JesusChrist #EDC #Everydaycarry #pocketdump #Military #paracord #paracordrosaries #pray #prayer #tradcatholic #prayeveryday #myweapon #myrosary #saintmichael #saintbenedict #handmade #catholilcmen #KoC #KnightsofColumbus ....   you get the idea!


Pinterest is a special case.  It's all about the photos. Pinterest just started allowing affiliate links again in 2016 so now you can post a photo to Pinterest, and then edit the post to change the URL to be your affiliate link.  Again, it's important to make your link look good (Pinterest sometimes does not like shortened links so you may want to request a vanity link from RR.) 

Use interesting images!  As an affiliate, you will receive a free Rugged Rosary so use it to take some interesting photos of your rosary... A personal photo does better than a "product photo".  This photo did very well on social media: 

Please do not use that particular photo (it was uploaded by a customer), but it is a great example of something that would do well.  Another simpler idea is just to hold the rosary in your hand for an image...



Lastly, we have Youtube.  Youtube can be used to do a bible reading, or to lead in prayer on video, or to do a straight-up review of your Rugged Rosary.  Be sure to always include your affiliate link in the description, and you can also tell people in the video to click on the link in the description. So if you are comfortable making videos, this is another option.

Good Luck!